[Ncep.list.ms3info] RFC 3761 - BB Yellow Alerts for Customer Interfaces - START

Chi-Thuan Truong - NOAA Federal chi-thuan.truong at noaa.gov
Tue Oct 3 14:43:10 UTC 2017

"WHAT: Begin to use yellow alerts for ""Customer Interfaces"" on the TG
BigBrother (currently only clear, green, and red are used). A new column in
the TG Sybase line_monitors table will be created to identify which
partners get yellow or red alerts. The monitor script has been changed to
send yellow or red alerts when thresholds have been exceeded.
WHY: Some partners are not available during non-business hours. Other
partners provide data of opportunity. In neither case do we want to create
a red alert.
WHO: The Operational Monitoring Branch will identify those partners who
will get yellow (vs red) alerts.
WHERE: Changes will be made in Boulder and College Park

BB IMPACT: None expected.
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