[Ncep.list.idp.ngitws.users] Details of next NGITWS deployment - week of 9/4/2017

Ryan Solomon - NOAA Federal ryan.l.solomon at noaa.gov
Thu Aug 31 19:12:15 UTC 2017


The NGITWS team would like to inform you that the next NGITWS software
deployment is tentatively planned for next week, on or after September 5.
Please note that this date is tentative, pending CCB approval, NWS Critical
Weather Day status, and operational priorities.


​- ​
Incorporated Madis Maritime and Mesonet IWXXM processors

​- ​
Updated Airmet/Sigmet processor
​, including support for IWXXM 2.1​

​- ​
​Implemented the new TCF XML encoder (replaces t
he legacy ​
​ XML product​

​- ​
Updates to Grib2ToNetcdf for variable name changes

​- Implemented
​ gridded data​

​- ​
Grib2ToNc Scripts - added new split scripts for GTG, updated variable names
​.  This splits the GTG product up into three separate products.​

​- ​
Jms-endpoint - updated object-ws url for HTTPS GET requests for gridded data

​- ​
Metadata Web Service - Bug fix in an aggregation pipeline search feature

​- ​
Bundled Python data parser - Bundled all Python TAC to IWXXM converters
into one RPM to simplify deployment and maintenance
​.  (no impact to end users​)

​- ​
Un-install all individual parsers
​ ​
  (no impact to end users​)

​- ​
Grib2toNc-src-plus-libs - updated libraries and executables for grib2 to
netcdf processing
(no impact to end users​)​

If you have any questions, please contact the NOAA NextGen Liaison.

Best regards,

Ryan Solomon
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