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Thu Jan 18 18:29:15 UTC 2018

IDP Customers,

Next week NCEP Central Operations will be conducting a major site failover
test.   Below is the notification sent to the idp-announcement list.

If you experience data outages next week please contact NCO's Senior Duty
Meteorologist SDM as directed in the notification.
If you have further questions or concerns you can also contact the IDP team
(ncep.list.idp_support at noaa.gov).

Additionally, those applications that are currently in College Park
(including MADIS/HADS) are slated to be moved to Boulder tomorrow (1/19) to
prepare for this test.

In order to ensure you get future notifications, it is suggested to
subscribe to the idp-announcement listserve: https://www.lstsrv.ncep.noaa.

Thank you,


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Date: Wed, Jan 17, 2018 at 9:05 AM
Subject: [IDP-Announcement] Upcoming test of IDP failover/backup next week
To: idp-announcement at lstsrv.ncep.noaa.gov

The week of January 22nd, NCEP Central Operations (NCO) will conduct a
major failover and backup test of our IDP systems in College Park and
Boulder.   On Monday January 22nd at 10am Eastern, NCO will announce an
outage of the Boulder IDP system and will fail all operations over to the
College Park IDP system.   On Wednesday January 24th at 10am Eastern, NCO
will announce an outage of the College Park IDP systems and will fail all
operations and applications over to the Boulder IDP system.

NCO will not turn off any applications or systems during this week of
testing.  A small number of systems don't have backups at both sites yet --
in those cases those applications will not be shut down during this
testing.  The only anticipated impact to users would be the normal brief
outages experienced during any site-to-site failovers of IDP.   If you do
experience any issues during this week of testing, please contact NCO's
Senior Duty Meteorologist (SDM) at sdm at noaa.gov  or 301-683-1500
<%28301%29%20683-1500> and we will have our support teams look into the
issue immediately.

Note for the NCEP Centers in NCWCP -- this test will not affect your
compute farm systems.

Becky Cosgrove
Chief, NCO Implementation and Data Services Branch

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Derek Van Pelt
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