[Ncep.list.idp.mrms.users] MRMS v11.0 Implementation

Scott Jacobs - NOAA Federal scott.jacobs at noaa.gov
Tue Nov 22 20:41:04 UTC 2016

MRMS Users (especially LDM users):

The MRMS system running operationally on the IDP platform will be upgraded
to version 11.0 on 29 November 2016 at 1545 UTC. The attached release notes
were sent previously, so this is a reminder of the changes.

One major change is for LDM access to the products. The filename pattern
will be changing because of infrastructure changes to the IDP disk volumes;
and for the introduction of a new directory level for CONUS data.

The current pattern in v10.5 is:


The new pattern for v11.0 is:


As always, if you have questions or issues, please contact the IDP
Onboarding Team at ncep.list.idp_support at noaa.gov.


Scott Jacobs
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