[Ncep.list.idp.mrms.users] Update to MRMS in IDP

Patrick Serengulian - NOAA Affiliate patrick.serengulian at noaa.gov
Tue Aug 9 19:31:46 UTC 2016

Dear MRMS Customers:

Due to a major network disruption affecting data routes to Boulder, the IDP
Onboarding Team will be switching sites for the MRMS application. MRMS is
currently running out of Boulder, CO. We are in the process of moving the
application to run out of College Park, MD. College Park is not
experiencing the same data routing issue that Boulder is experiencing.
During the switch the DNS records will be updated and you may notice a
brief interruption of service.

Please contact us immediately if you experience problems receiving MRMS
data in real-time.

IDP Support

Tel:   301-683-3863
EMail: ncep.list.idp_support at noaa.gov

Patrick Serengulian, IDSB Project Manager (CyberData Technologies, Inc.)
U.S. Department of Commerce
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration NWS/NCEP/NCO/IDSB
5830 University Research Court
College Park, Maryland 20740
301.683.3863 | patrick.serengulian at noaa.gov <patrick.serengulian at noaa.gov>
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