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Nipa Parikh - NOAA Federal nipa.parikh at noaa.gov
Mon Apr 17 14:10:12 UTC 2017

NOAA IDP-GIS Status Message

12:00 PM EDT Monday April. 17, 2017

Effective, Thursday, April 13th, 2017, the Integrated Dissemination Program
- Geographic Information System (IDP-GIS) team corrected the metadata for
some existing static services and made a correction to the Geographic
Information System (GIS) service named wpc_qpf.  The updated wpc_qpf
service is no longer a time enabled service but is now a time aware
service. Time aware services provide valid times so GIS systems can be
customized to animate or loop the data, but do not require the
map/application to know the current time in order to display data as is the
case for time-enabled services.  This change was made to give the data
consumers the most flexibility in accessing, displaying, and or viewing the

Users of the existing map service should update their applications to use
the revised service. The specific changes users need to make depend on the
type of protocol or endpoints used.

View the updated service here.

For any questions/concern/feedback please email: idp.gis.support at gmail.com

Nipa Parikh


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