[Ncep.list.grouptravel] READ: E2 Transition - Monday May 22 - Things to Know

Genene Fisher - NOAA Federal genene.fisher at noaa.gov
Thu May 18 18:52:12 UTC 2017

Center Directors:

Please share this with all travelers in your Centers.

Monday we shift to the E2 travel system. Here are a few key details that
you need to know for the Go-Live transition.

*1. **Timeline *- you'll be receiving *some emails* and there are
other *important
deadlines*, here's the list:

*May 19, 2017  (email)*
New Users receive an email titled “Welcome to E2” from the Department of
Commerce (E2HelpDesk at doc.gov)
This email will contain:
User’s new E2 User credentials
Detailed information regarding required login steps
E2 Production URL

*May 21, 2017  (deadline for ITM travel) *

*>>>>*COB May 21st is the deadline to have all existing Travel Manager
authorizations created, approved AND data linked. Here's the formal

If travel reservations are booked through SATO Travel for a trip which has
a start date on or after May 22, 2017 but before the cutoff dates outlined
in Travel Advisory 17-2 (*travel starting prior to 6/5/17 for Domestic,
prior to 6/30/17 for Foreign*), it is imperative that the TA is created,
approved, and datalinked in ITM by *11pm Eastern Time (ET) May 21, 2017*

   - After 11pm ET May 21, 2017, TAs that are still “in process” and not
   approved and data linked in ITM will need to be deleted from ITM and
   re-entered in E2 Solutions

   - If they are not approved and datalinked by cutoff, Client services
   will need to be contacted so a ticket can be submitted to move the
   reservation over to the E2 TMC Profile

*May 22, 2017 (email)*
New Users receive an email titled “E2 New User Access” from CWTSatoTravel (
etravelservices at cwtsatotravel.com)
This email will contain:
Link to initialize a traveler’s E2 account for the first time
Note: This link is customized to each individual user, will only be used
for the initial login to E2 and is only be valid for 72 hours.  If an
approver does not initilize their account, a traveler’s document cannot
route for approval

*May 22, 2017  (email)*
New Users receive an email titled “E2 Solutions New User Checklist” from
Client Services (client.servicesii at noaa.gov)
This email will contain:
Required log in steps for E2
Steps to update your User Profile
The new Travel Management Center (TMC) contact number for CWTSatoTravel

Once you get your new user email, *you have 72 hours to activate your
account*. If you miss your window, you'll need to email
clientservices at noaa.gov and ask them to reinitiate your profile. You will
get the emails again, please activate.

*2. **Basic Information* - here are some important weblinks you should


Please have a look at the E2 Travel Webpage to familiarize yourself with
what it has to offer:



If you haven't taken the training, there are recorded versions of the
sessions and copies of the slides here:

NCEP OD will offer brief E2 training for travelers via webex with just the
basics that travelers need to know. Scheduled for May 30, 2-3pm ET and June
2, 2-3pm ET. Call in information will be provided later.


One thing to note - we will now be charged for every phone call to make a
reservation, so please reach out to your Center travel arranger for
assistance before you call. Here's the list of fees:


Please let me know if you have any questions.

Genene Fisher, PhD
Executive Officer
National Centers for Environmental Prediction (NCEP)
301-683-1323 office
301-452-7366 cell
genene.fisher at noaa.gov
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