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Genene Fisher - NOAA Federal genene.fisher at noaa.gov
Wed Dec 14 20:52:01 UTC 2016


On the BASO call today, CFO discussed that we should be limited in how we
use the travel code "other P00" under the Mission (operational) purpose.
Attached is NCEP's report and you can see we have about $54K in that

CFO will be coming out with further guidance on how to best use the travel
categories when filling out Travel Authorizations.

In the meantime, please do not use the "P00" category in mission
(operational). If one of the other categories does not fit, please let me
know and I'll provide that feedback to CFO.


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NWS Budget, Admin. and Exec. Officers,

Please see the attached travel code report showing travel obligations by
the newly created travel purpose codes (established via my July 15, 2016
email, subject "Travel Code Guidance - Updates") through November.  There
is a summary report followed by FMC detail.
The report shows over $500K in "other" travel obligations under the Mission
(Operational) category. This is problematic as "other" does not provide us
and our management team with useful information regarding travel use.  I
need your insight as to why folks are using this:  is this a communication
training issue (using P00 as default) or are travelers having legitimate
problem finding a code that matches the type of travel they are engaging
in.  I regret including "other" as an option but from a accounting system
perspective, I can't prevent it's use.  Please come to the Wed. BASO
meeting prepared to discuss this and potential solutions.

Remember, the intent of the travel codes are to help us understand the
types of travel use across NWS, especially operational travel; and to
better justify our travel requirements to NOAA and beyond.


*John E. Potts*
*Chief Financial Officer*
*NOAA National Weather Service*
*301 427-6911 <(301)%20427-6911>*
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