[Ncep.list.fv3-announce] NCEPLIBS on Hera

Kate Friedman - NOAA Federal Kate.Friedman at noaa.gov
Mon Sep 30 12:54:08 UTC 2019


NCEPLIBS can be found here on Hera:


To get the NCEPLIBS modules:

module use /scratch2/NCEPDEV/nwprod/NCEPLIBS/modulefiles

FYI, the grib_util and prod_util modules are now available via NCEPLIBS:

---------------- /scratch2/NCEPDEV/nwprod/NCEPLIBS/modulefiles
   bacio/2.0.2              ip/3.0.1                        sfcio/1.1.1
   bacio/2.0.3     (D)    ip/3.0.2          (D)         sigio/2.1.0
   bufr/11.3.0               ip2/1.0.0                      sigio/2.1.1
   crtm/2.2.5                jasper/1.900.1             sp/2.0.2
   g2/2.5.0                   landsfcutil/2.1.0           sp/2.0.3
   g2/3.1.0                   landsfcutil/2.1.1 (D)     staskfarm/1.0.0
   g2/3.1.1        (D)      nemsio/2.2.3               udunits/2.2.25  (D)
   g2c/1.5.0                 nemsio/2.2.4      (D)     w3emc/2.3.0
   g2tmpl/1.5.0            nemsiogfs/2.2.0           w3emc/2.3.1     (D)
   g2tmpl/1.5.1    (D)   nemsiogfs/2.2.1   (D)   w3nco/2.0.6
   gfsio/1.1.0               netcdf/3.6.3                  w3nco/2.0.7
   *grib_util/1.1.1*         png/1.2.44                   wrfio/1.1.1
   ip/2.0.0                    *prod_util/1.1.0*   (L)     xmlparse/2.0.0
   ip/3.0.0                    sfcio/1.1.0                    z/1.2.11

Report any questions or issues with these modules to the NCEPLIBS folks.

Kate Friedman
NOAA/NWS/NCEP/EMC Engineering and Implementation Branch
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