[Ncep.list.fv3-announce] NEMSfv3gfs and FV3 git repository updates 20190903

Jun Wang - NOAA Federal jun.wang at noaa.gov
Tue Sep 3 22:29:03 UTC 2019

Dear all,

Following changes were committed to the NEMSfv3gfs/FV3 repositories:

Ticket #67151 <https://vlab.ncep.noaa.gov/redmine/issues/67151>: Add
aerosol transport to SAMF deep convection scheme
An accurate aerosol transport scheme (G. Grell, H. Li) is added as an
option to FV3's Scale-Aware Mass-Flux (SAMF) deep convection scheme. The
aerosol transport will be enabled if trans_trac=.true. when coupled with
GSDCHEM (GEFS-Aerosols).

Ticket #67152 <https://vlab.ncep.noaa.gov/redmine/issues/67152>: Export
instantaneous convective specific humidity tendency
The instantaneous specific humidity tendency due to convection (dqdti) is
added to the FV3 export field list. The change is required by GSDCHEM
(GEFS-Aerosols) to compute deposition diagnostics as performed in NGAC.

NEMSfv3gfs points to the updated NEMS repo with code changes of 1)changes
to be compliant with NUOPC in ESMF 8.0 release, 2)the standard name
inst_spec_humid_conv_tendency_levels to the NUOPC Field Dictionary and
3)NEMS code changes for porting to hera.

The code changes have no impact on the NEMSfv3gfs regression test baseline.
Regression test passed on theia and wcoss phase1/2, cray and dell.


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