[Ncep.list.fv3-announce] Global dump archive age-off on WCOSS

Kate Friedman - NOAA Federal Kate.Friedman at noaa.gov
Wed Jul 10 16:16:16 UTC 2019


It's time for a round of age-offs in the global dump archive on WCOSS. This
one will be bigger than usual as I prepare to retire the phase1/2 parts of
the GDA. As such I am targeting the following dates for removal from the

2012083118 - 2012093018 (held for Hurricane Sandy experiments)
2015010100 - 2016043018

After the above age-off we will be back to ~3 years worth of dump data on
WCOSS (mid-2016 to mid-2019). That is the minimum I intend to continue
holding for future implementation parallels. I've spoiled you with 4+ years
until now!

*I will begin the age-off this Friday July 12th. Please let me know by COB
this Thursday if you have any on-going experiments that require data for
the targeted dates.*

Thanks all!

Kate Friedman
NOAA/NWS/NCEP/EMC Engineering and Implementation Branch
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