[Ncep.list.fv3-announce] NEMSfv3gfs and FV3 git repository updates 20190131

Jun Wang - NOAA Federal jun.wang at noaa.gov
Thu Jan 31 21:30:06 UTC 2019

Dear all,

Following changes were committed to the NEMSfv3gfs and FV3 repositories:

Ticket #57811 <https://vlab.ncep.noaa.gov/redmine/issues/57811>:
Implementation of a canopy heat storage parameterization scheme

A simple heat storage parameterization over forest canopies has been
developed by increasing near surface air heat capacity proportional to the
surface roughness. This new canopy heat storage parameterization scheme is
implemented into the FV3GFS as the scheme significantly improves the 500 mb
height anomaly correlation and hurricane track forecasts.

A new regression test fv3_lheatstrg was added to the current regression
test baseline. The code changes have no impact on current regression test.
Regression test passed on all the supported platforms: wcoss (phase1/2,
cray, dell), theia, jet and gaea.


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