[Ncep.list.fv3-announce] Location of FV3GFS real-time parallel output after move to Dell

Kate Friedman - NOAA Federal kate.friedman at noaa.gov
Mon Aug 27 18:16:56 UTC 2018


The real-time FV3GFS parallel was moved from the Crays to the Dells
(currently Venus) and so the location of the archived and rsynced data on
disk has changed. Please find the output in the following folders now
(viewable from the Crays):

   - monitoring:
   /gpfs/dell2/emc/modeling/noscrub/emc.glopara/monitor/{min, ozn, rad}mon
   - online archive:
   - rsync of select files from Venus ROTDIR:
   /gpfs/dell3/ptmp/emc.glopara/ROTDIRS/prfv3rt1/{gfs, gdas}.PDY/cyc

The location of archive tarballs on HPSS has not changed and can still be
found here:



Kate Friedman (formerly Howard)
NOAA/NWS/NCEP/EMC Engineering and Implementation Branch
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