[Ncep.list.fv3-announce] NEMSfv3gfs git commit: Support #40953: high resolution regression test and ESMF transferable route handle

Jun Wang - NOAA Affiliate jun.wang at noaa.gov
Wed Nov 22 13:41:08 UTC 2017

Dear all,
The NEMSfv3gfs and FV3 VLAB git repositories have been updated with Redmine
Support #40953: high resolution regression test and ESMF transferable route
handle. The two high resolution tests (c192 and c768) will provide baseline
for parallel fv3 test and will be tested for machine maintenance/upgrade.
The ESMF transferable route handle creates the ESMF route handle only once
with first write group, and  can be transferred when creating route handle
with other write groups. This will reduce the initialization time taken by
ESMF route handle generation.
Please update your branches accordingly.

Also today's announcement is posted at NEMSfv3gfs Rdemine "news".  You can
view the  NEMSfv3gfs Redmine "news" at


To automatically receive the "news" in your email, please go to above
website, and click on* "* Watch"* on the upper-right corner.  You can click
on "unwatch" the news to stop receiving emails. Thanks.

Have a great Thanksgiving holiday!

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