[Ncep.list.fv3-announce] fv3gfs release beta test

Eugene Mirvis eugene.mirvis at noaa.gov
Fri May 12 17:50:50 UTC 2017


It may be standard.
However, we implemented "-xcore-AVX2" by the vendor recommendation to make compatible build for both the sandybridge and haswell.
As far as I know we never implemented that for NEMS on any other machines but on WCOSS-cray for this purpose. with ftn wrapper. Not mpiifort.

-safe-cray-ptr  yes, it tells the compiler that Cray pointers do not alias (that is, do not specify sharing memory with) other variables.
Do we have any?

I just think that it happened  because of the conf structure hierarchy.
Now, if it has been done on Theia on purpuse - please let me know.


On 5/12/2017 1:30 PM, Rusty Benson - NOAA Federal wrote:
> Eugene,
> These are standard Intel compiler options and have no relationship to a
> particular vendor's system.  "-xcore-AVX2" describes the instruction set
> support you are requesting from the compiler and will generate instructions
> suitable for the latest *well family of processors from Intel.
> "-safe-cray-ptr" deals with a Fortran extension known as "Cray pointers"
> and states that your use of them is unique and it is safe to optimize code
> containing these objects.
> Rusty
> --
> Rusty Benson, PhD
> Modeling Systems Group
> NOAA Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Lab
> Princeton, NJ
> On Fri, May 12, 2017 at 1:23 PM, Eugene Mirvis <eugene.mirvis at noaa.gov>
> wrote:
>> Rusty,
>> For instance the flags "-xCORE-AVX2" and "-safe-cray-ptr" we use only on
>> Crays on the certain purposes.
>> -Eugene
>> On 5/12/2017 12:16 PM, Rusty Benson - NOAA Federal wrote:
>>> Eugene,
>>> Responding only to point 4, what options do you see that are Cray
>>> compilation flags?
>>> Rusty
>>> --
>>> Rusty Benson, PhD
>>> Modeling Systems Group
>>> NOAA Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Lab
>>> Princeton, NJ
>>> On Fri, May 12, 2017 at 11:58 AM, Eugene Mirvis <eugene.mirvis at noaa.gov>
>>> wrote:
>>> Gerard,
>>>> Just several points to clarify.
>>>> 1. NEMS practice  to call modulefiles what is actually the scripts
>>>> (calling module commands),
>>>> that require mostly bash env in order to source and keep environment was
>>>> always non standard use.
>>>> Therefore,  if the developers will take Sam's advice and make real
>>>> modulefiles (starting with #%Module) from the script, "export" and other
>>>> scripting works
>>>> wouldn't make sense, while Module util commands and Tcl/Tk  will work.
>>>> 2. There is another dilemma - to keep needed environment and change
>>>> within
>>>> a workflow env. change.
>>>> btw,
>>>> unsetenv, append-path, prepend-path and remove-path  module commands are
>>>> very useful for controlling that, but you have to keep
>>>> $LOADEDMODULES, and $MODULE PATH in consistent order.
>>>> 3. Speaking of which,
>>>> module purge
>>>> and
>>>> module switch
>>>> are very useful to unload application driven modules.
>>>> a/ You just have to do that not any moment, but before apps module is
>>>> loaded, then, unload <appsModulefile> - not purge, but unload.
>>>> b/ On Crays, the are some internal dependencies  inside of PrgEnv. So you
>>>> have to keep all "module use <knowns>"  to recover, otherwise you might
>>>> find "module not found"
>>>> 4.
>>>> Compiling on Theia, I'm just wondering why Cray's compilation flags are
>>>> utilized... allover:
>>>> See for  instance
>>>> ...
>>>> *mpiifort -I/apps/netcdf/4.3.0-intel/include -fno-alias -auto
>>>> -safe-cray-ptr -ftz -assume byterecl -nowarn -sox -align array64byte -i4
>>>> -real-size 64 -no-prec-div -no-prec-sqrt -xCORE-AVX2**
>>>> -qno-opt-dynamic-align* -O2 -debug minimal -fp-model source
>>>> -qoverride-limits -qopt-prefetch=3 -qopenmp -I/apps/esmf/7.0.0/intel/
>>>> intelmpi/mod/modO/Linux.intel.64.intelmpi.default
>>>> -I/apps/esmf/7.0.0/intel/intelmpi/include -I/apps/netcdf/4.3.0-intel/inc
>>>> lude
>>>> -IENS_Cpl -I.  -I/scratch4/NCEPDEV/global/nos
>>>> crub/Eugene.Mirvis/fv3gfs.v0beta/FV3/nems_dir
>>>> -c module_MEDIATOR_methods.f90
>>>> ...
>>>> Thanks,
>>>> -Eugene

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