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Geoffrey Manikin - NOAA Federal geoffrey.manikin at noaa.gov
Thu Nov 30 20:21:44 UTC 2017


        The final version of the 2017 NPSR agenda is attached.     The
registration form can be found here:

    Information on webinar/telecon access, as well as info on folders where
slides can be uploaded, is on page 1.

    *If you want to participate in the breakout sessions, it is imperative
that you register (and note your breakout session preferences) today, as
we'll be doing the breakout assignments tomorrow.   *

     If you want to order food, please use the following link:
Payment can be made, and you will make things much simpler for you and for
us if you take care of this in advance.    Note that options for only
ordering food and beverages at the coffee breaks are available;  ordering
is optional, but please do not partake in the refreshments if you have not
paid for them - your cooperation is much appreciated.

       We wish you safe travels to College Park and look forward to seeing
you on Monday.

                      -Geoff Manikin
                       Brian Gross
                       Jason Levit
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