[Ncep.list.emc.npsr] 2017 NPSR Draft Agenda + Registration Link

Geoffrey Manikin - NOAA Federal geoffrey.manikin at noaa.gov
Fri Nov 17 20:45:50 UTC 2017

          An initial draft of the 2017 NPSR agenda is attached.  We still
need to add in some speaker names and session chairs, but we believe that
the overall structure will be very close to what is shown in this
document.    A final version will be sent out in the week prior to the
meeting; it will include instructions for remote participation.

           The registration form can be found here:

     Please register if you plan to participate in the meeting, whether
remotely or in person.   * EMC personnel do NOT need to complete this
form!  *  In order to better balance the breakout groups this year, we are
asking people attending the meeting to note on the form in which breakout
sessions they plan to participate.     Your best guesses on your
participation will greatly assist in our planning - thank you.

      The agenda entries for 'lunch' note a sign-up link for ordering
lunches and break food.    I believe that this link is now active, but you
may want to wait until next week to be certain.

        Let us know if you have any questions.

                      -Geoff Manikin
                       Brian Gross
                       Mike Ek
                       Jason Levit
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