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Good Afternoon, All,

Please see the note below from EMC Director Dr. Mike Farrar regarding the
2016 NCEP Production Suite Review (NPSR).  I am sending through the NPSR
ListServ on his behalf.


LCDR Andrew Ostapenko, NOAA

Executive Officer, EMC



We are continuing to migrate the NCEP Production Suite Review (NSPR) away
from the historical briefing format, where the time was dominated detailed
PowerPoint briefings from all the development orgs on what new and improved
capabilities were being rolled out over the next year.  We are moving
towards a more collaborative, interactive meeting, where after a brief
overview of the current production suite and planned implementations, the
bulk of the meeting will be spend in smaller groups discussing items
involving the NSPR that have the following two attributes: (1) they are of
high priority both to NCEP as well as the customers/users of the products;
and (2) there is still some uncertainty about the path ahead, so your
contributes can be used to help craft the strategy for moving forward.

In so doing, we’d like to ask for your inputs on topics to cover in these
breakout sessions.  To get us started, here are a few we are considering:

1.       *AWIPS*: this could cover a few areas, such as (a) changes to
capability as a consequence of the new contract, (b) changes to
dissemination and how it will affect the ability of the output from the
NCEP production suite to be accessed by the field, and/or (c) anything else
you may be interested in discussing provided it has some relation to the
NCEP production suite.  Please note there is usually some dialogue on this
every year even though it is not explicitly on the agenda, so if there is a
groundswell for including this as one of the topics, please let us know and
we’ll invite the SMEs from the Office of Central Processing and the AWIPS
 program to participate.

2.       *Evolution to unified model*: The biggest project (actually series
of projects) over the next few years will be the evolution of much of EMC’s
production suite towards a unified modeling system across scales.  In
addition to a briefing on the current plan, we may also offer a discussion
session on an early implementation plan where we discuss all the interim
steps to get from today to the end goal.  Given that there are multiple
interim steps we could take that offer both interim improvements and
incremental steps towards the end goal, a discussion on interim
developmental steps would be useful in trying align user and stakeholder
needs with our progress on migrating to the end goal of a unified modeling

3.       *Interim evolution of the Mesoscale model suite*: While the
long-term vision is to move towards a unified model where the mesoscale
needs are met by high-res nests (see #2), that will likely take a few years
so we need to strategize of what upgrades and other practical changes we
should make to our existing suite of mesoscale models (both deterministic
and ensembles).

4.       *Future Model Evaluation Group (MEG) and other verification
activities*: The MEG has been an ongoing collaboration between EMC and our
partners, users and stakeholders.  This breakout could discuss ideas for
future activities (i.e., more work along similar lines as the MEG has
recently done), as well as ideas for new or better approaches to present
model results to the community and the public, how our products are
displayed and distributed (including our websites), and other ideas on
collaborative verification and analyses of model performance.

Regarding topics, I’d like your ideas not just on these 4 suggested areas,
but also your ideas on other topics you’d like to see discussed in breakout
groups.  Please visit the Google Survey here
 (Google Link:
to submit your inputs so we can factor your thoughts and priorities into
the review.  Please contact Michael Ek and Andrew Ostapenko with any
questions or for assistance with the Google Survey.



Dr. Mike Farrar

Director, Environmental Modeling Center (EMC)

National Centers for Environmental Prediction (NCEP)

NOAA/National Weather Service

Office phone: 301-683-3748

Email: michael.farrar at noaa.gov

Web: http://www.emc.ncep.noaa.gov/
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