[Ncep.list.emc.npsr] Final updates for the 2014 NPSR

Hendrik Tolman hendrik.tolman at noaa.gov
Fri Nov 28 20:38:45 UTC 2014



The 2014 NCEP Production Suite Review is rapidly approaching. My 
apologies for the late sending of the information. Additional details 
can be found below. We are now managing the NPSR through a mailing list. 
please do not respond to this e-mail directly, but send comments and 
questions to Hendrik Tolman <Hendrik.Tolman at NOAA.gov> or Michael Ek 
<Michael.Ek at noaa.gov>. Feel free to distribute further. To add 
additional colleaguesto the mailing list, please contact Hendrik or Mike.

Hope to see you in early December.



| Hendrik L. TolmanHendrik.Tolman at NOAA.gov  |
| Director, Environmental Modeling Center                NOAA/NWS/NCEP |
| NOAA Center for Weather & Climate Prediction | Phone : (301)683-3748 |
| 5830 University Research Court  Room 2109    | FAX   : (301)683-3703 |
| College Park, Maryland 20740, USA            | Cell  : (410)279-3320 |

_On-Line Registration:

_Please register at the following web site (there is no registration fee):


If you have problems with this form (for instance, you do not have a 
NOAA E-mail), please provide the registration information by E-mail to 
Hendrik, Mike, or Mary Hart <Mary.Hart at noaa.gov>.

_Snacks and Lunches: _

Snacks and box lunches are available at cost from the on-site Kloud café 
each day. You can register on-site or use the following link to 
pre-order: https://kloudcafe.wufoo.com/forms/npsr/

_Tuesday Evening Dinner:_
Please consider participating in a group dinner Tuesday evening 
tentatively at 1830EST at the nearby Franklin's Brewer. Menu available 
at: http://www.franklinsbrewery.com/ Participants will be responsible 
for covering the cost of the meal.

_Agenda: _
A  final agenda is attached.

_NCWCP Access: _
The NCWCP is accessible by taking the Green Metrorail Line to the 
College Park/University of Maryland station. It is a 15-minute walk (to 
the east down River Road) from the station to the NCWCP. There are also 
shuttles that run (at no cost) from the College Park Metro station to 
the NCWCP between the hours of 0600-0900EST and 1500-1800EST every 15 
minutes. Attached is a map of the NCWCP and surrounding area. The 
Conference Center is outside of security and accessible to the general 

_Lodging: _
There are many options in the College Park and surrounding areas. Given 
the close proximity of the building to the Metro you might consider cost 
saving travel options such as flying into DCA and staying in downtown DC 
on the Metro line.
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