[Ncep.list.emc.monsoondesk] Why Climatological Sea-Ice fraction send to GFS, but not the one computed by MOM-SIS

Prajeesh A.G CAT prajeesh.cat at tropmet.res.in
Wed Feb 19 16:39:04 UTC 2014

Dear Wu, 

Thank you for the reply, 

Actually, I am sorry, the following change in the code was made by me for testing purpose. 
But, what actually I was mentioning was about fice _ atm only, it is not about Atmos % fice . 

! call mpp _send( fice _ atm ,size( fice _ atm ,1)*size( fice _ atm ,2), Atmos %coupler_rank) 
call mpp _send( Atmos % fice ,size( fice _ atm ,1)*size( fice _ atm ,2), Atmos %coupler_rank). 

fice _ atm get data from ex_ fice . ex_ fice get data from Ice% fice and Land% fice . Ice% fice is initialized every time to 1 and 0 just before its been put to ex_ fice . and Land% fice get data from Atm % fice in the subroutine sfc _boundary_layer, which in turn get data from data_override call. 

Moreover, as far as I know, the computed Ice fraction from the Ice model is in the variable Ice%part_size, which is not at all used here . 

Prajeesh A G 
Scientist 'B' 
Pune , India 

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