[Ncep.list.emc.glopara-support] Parallel cycle on vapor

sim.aberson sim.aberson at noaa.gov
Wed Oct 20 10:25:38 EDT 2010

  I am continuing to run a parallel cycle on vapor and have encountered 
another problem that is past my knowledge.  My 2010082906 gdas anal step 
is bombing.  Output is in
/ptmp/mgd0sa/rotdatprx/nodrop2010082906gdasanal.dayfile.  It looks like 
the global_gsi is running fine (exit value is 0, exited: rc=0 for all 
tasks, and ERR=0).  After that, it gets murky.  All I can find in that 
dayfile is that some files it is trying to copy to get ready for the 
fcst step aren't there:

+ /u/wx20mi/bin/ncpx -p 
010082906 /ptmp/mgd0sa/rotdatprx
cp -p /stmp/mgd0sa/para/nodrop2010082906gdasanal/satcnt.gdas.2010082906 
cp: /stmp/mgd0sa/para/nodrop2010082906gdasanal/satcnt.gdas.2010082906: A 
file or
  directory in the path name does not exist.
+ [[ 1 = 0 ]]
+ echo pcop: satcnt.gdas.2010082906 not found in 
+ 1>& 2
pcop: satcnt.gdas.2010082906 not found in 
+ (( rc+=ra ))
+ exit 12
+ exit 12
+ [[ 1 -ne 0 ]]
+ /mtb/save/wx23sm/para_scripts/cver_1.1/bin/perr
+ GROUP=mtb
+ NCP=/u/wx20mi/bin/ncpx
+ SUB=/u/wx23sm/bin/sub_vapor
+ PLOG=/mtb/save/wx23sm/para_scripts/cver_1.1/bin/plog
+ PSUB=/mtb/save/wx23sm/para_scripts/cver_1.1/bin/psub_angu
+ [[ -n  ]]
+ export COMDAY=/ptmp/mgd0sa/rotdatprx
+ jn=nodrop2010082906gdasanal
+ grep nodrop2010082906gdasanal failed /mtb/save/mgd0sa/para/prnodrop.runlog
+ /mtb/save/wx23sm/para_scripts/cver_1.1/bin/plog 
.runlog ERROR nodrop2010082906gdasanal failed

Something else may be going on, but I have spent quite a bit of time 
looking.  Any ideas on how to fix this?


Sim Aberson         AOML/Hurricane Research Division          Miami, FL
     "Hurricane states erect statues in my honor." -- David Sedaris

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