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#20: Update global_cycle to run on FV3 cubed-sphere grid
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Comment (by george.gayno@…):

 During testing, Rahul alertly pointed out how the input restart files
 (from his recent model run) contain a snow cover record ('sncovr'), but
 the files output by `CYCLE` do not.  The snow cover record is optional and
 was added by Rusty.  Here is Rusty's explanation from his Aug 7th email:

 This field was added to ensure bit-reproducibility across restarts.

 When I originally looked over chgres, the logic for sncovr was commented
 out.  In the
 GSM-GFS, the sncovr field is initialized in read_fix.f.

 In FV3-GFS, it is not a mandatory restart variable.  If it exists in the
 sfc_data.tile?.nc file, it is read in and used.  If is absent, the sncovr
 logic is used to create the variable.

 `CYCLE` and `CHGRES` only update snow depth and snow liquid water

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