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#20: Update global_cycle to run on FV3 cubed-sphere grid
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 Several updates to
 cycle.f90] specific to the update of NSST.  All logic is not set in stone.
 Changes are possible once more extensive testing begins.

 * In routine
 adjust_nsst] compute the maximum search radius to an open water GSI point
 based on the resolution of the GSI data. Previously the maximum radius was
 hardwired.  If the open water GSI point is within the maximum search
 radius, the GSI increment is used to update TREF.  The maximum radius is
 currently 500 km.

 * Add max/min range checking for TREF and skin temp. The maximum value was
 chosen as 313K, which is the value used by

 * New routine
 climo_trend] that updates TREF based on the annual cycle of the RGTSST
 climatology. This update is only used when the search fails to find an
 open water GSI point within the maximum search radius.  The trend is
 computed from the average SST along 10-degree latitude bands for each

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