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#20: Update global_cycle to run on FV3 cubed-sphere grid
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 Several initial updates for processing of NSST data.

 read_write_data.f90] - New routine
 READ_GSI_DATA] that will read in the GSI restart file (with updated NSST
 records) on the Gaussian grid. The sample file I have is from one of
 Fanglin's recent tests.  It is a restart file with surface and NSST
 records on the Gaussian grid.  It is nemsio format.  I am not sure if this
 is the exact file that will processed by the GSI, but it is good enough to
 do some initial testing.

 cycle.f90] - New routine
 ADJUST_NSST]. This initial version contains logic to interpolate from the
 GSI Gaussian grid to the cubed-sphere tile. The interpolation is masked -
 non-land GSI points are mapped to non-land cubed-sphere points. If there
 is a mask mismatch, a spiral search is performed to find the nearest GSI
 non-land point.  This routine does not contain any logic to update any
 NSST records.  That will be added later when the update process is

 Update cycle build
 module] to map in IPLIB and NEMSIOLIB.

 global_cycle.sh] - Add new variable `GSI_FILE` to hold the GSI restart
 file to be read by routine `READ_GSI_DATA`.

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