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#20: Update global_cycle to run on FV3 cubed-sphere grid
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Comment (by george.gayno@…):


 read_write_data.f90] - All required surface restart fields are now output
 by routine

 modulefiles/gfs/gsm_v15.0.0.cray] - Remove dependency of nemsio library.
 Add hooks for netcdf library.

 run_cycle_cray.sh] - New test script for running on Cray.

 Note: the restart files from the model (i.e., the 'warm' restart files)
 contain a snow cover record (snocvr).  According to Rusty, this additional
 record was added to ensure bit-reproducible restarts.  If that record is
 missing, then the model will compute snow cover as part of the
 initialization step.

 My current thinking is that `global_cycle` will let the model compute snow
 cover.  Therefore, it will not process or write out snow cover.

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