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Tue Jul 18 20:19:24 UTC 2017

#18: update to global_chgres and regrid_nemsio
 Reporter:  philip.pegion@…  |      Owner:  Philip Pegion
     Type:  enhancement      |     Status:  new
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Component:  component1       |    Version:
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 Added error checking for netcdf and nemsio calls.  Also, if a nonzero
 return code is issued by any of the nemsio calls, the nemsio files are
 deleted (since they are probably garbage anyway).  That way the scripts
 will see the missing files and re-run the model.

 In addition,  added code in global_chgres.f90/read_write.F90 to
 interpolate surface pressure assuming a standard US lapse rate.  Old way
 way to interpolate in linear-p, which is producing large errors in ares of
 steep orography.

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