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#15: FV3 May 15 Release
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Comment (by jun.wang@…):

 Changes are made to fv3.v0release:

 1) machine name is changed to wcoss_cray in remapping code in order to be
 consistent with machine name used in forecast code
 2) job launchers are changed to: FCST_LAUNCHER and REMAP_LAUNCHER to unify
 the launchers used on different platforms.
 3) Machine dependent Module load commands are moved to job card (which is
 also machine dependent), no machine dependence exists in
 4) Experiment baseline, fix files and initial condition are copied to a
 fix location on theia and wcoss. All the scripts will point to this
 location and users do not need to make a separate copy of these files.
 5) diff_baseline.sh is created to compare users' results with baseline.
 The comparison is currently available for the default C96 non-hydrostatic
 32 bit 48 hour forecast run.
 6) readme.txt is updated to contain two section, one is for instruction on
 running experiments, the other is Q&A.

 My tests run well on wcoss cray and theia. The code will be committed to
 nemsfv3gfs trunk.

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