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#15: FV3 May 15 Release
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Comment (by jun.wang@…):

 Fanglin made a fv3gfs branch at for FV3 v0 release and tested it on cray,
 the branch is:


 Here is the description from Fanglin:

 I have created the ICs for three selected cases, pulled all necessary
 pieces together, and wrote a simple script to run the model at three
 resolutions (C96, C384 and C768) and to convert 6-tile output to global
 lat-lon grid in netCDF format.   I have tested the system. So far it works
 on WCOSS Cray.

 Please see
 https://svnemc.ncep.noaa.gov/projects/fv3gfs/tags/FV3GFS_V0_RELEASE/ for
 the workflow.  Fixed fields and initial conditions are ~37GB in size.
 They are  only saved locally under my account.  We need to discuss how to
 disseminate them.

 Jun was already able to compile the model on Theia. I will try to make the
 workflow work on Theia as well. If you plan to add support for running the
 model on other platforms, we need help.

 Pasted below is an README instruction file. SVN is not working tonight. I
 will commit it to the tag on Monday.

 Instruction for Building and Running FV3GFS Forecast Experiments
 Revision History
 04/30/2017 -- Fanglin Yang, First version.

 Note: The workflow has only been tested on WCOSS Cray.  Options need to be
       and tested for running the model on Theia and other machines

 1.  check out
     and use ?? to compile the model.
     Four executable files will be created under ./trunk/NEMS/exe

 2. check out
    use ./FV3GFS_V0_RELEASE/sorc/fre-nctools.fd/BUILD_TOOLS.csh
 $system_site to
    compile regrid utilities, where system_site can be cray, theia or gaea

 3. Copy the directory of fixed fields (binary files) from WCOSS Surge
    cp -rp
 /gpfs/hps/emc/global/noscrub/Fanglin.Yang/svn/FV3GFS_V0_RELEASE/fix to

 4. Copy the directory of initial conditions from WCOSS Surge
    cp -rp
 /gpfs/hps/emc/global/noscrub/Fanglin.Yang/svn/FV3GFS_V0_RELEASE/ICs to
    It contains cold start initial conditions for the following three
 cases. They are converted from
    gfs analysese of Q3FY17 NEMS GFS retrospective parallels.
      2016092900  Hurricane Matthew
      2016011812  Winter East Coast Blizzard
      2016081200  Louisiana Flooding
 5.  Check ./FV3GFS_V0_RELEASE/exp/runjob_cray.sh to see how to submit
 forecast batch jobs on WCOSS Cray.
     Modify the following two lines in runjob_cray.sh to select model
 resolution and case to run
       export CASE=C384                  ;#resolution, C96 (~100km), C382
 (~25km) or C768 (~13km)
       export CDATE=2016092900           ;#initial condition dates
 2016092900 2016011812 2016081200

     Users need to make sure the following directories are correctly set up
 BASE_GSM=/gpfs/hps/emc/global/noscrub/$LOGNAME/svn/FV3GFS_V0_RELEASE   ;#
 source directory
      export FIX_FV3=$BASE_GSM/fix/fix_fv3                  ;#model fixed
      export IC_DIR=$BASE_GSM/ICs                           ;#forecast
 initial conditions

      # temporary running directory
        export DATA=/gpfs/hps/stmp/$LOGNAME/${CASE}${PSLOT}${CDATE}

      # directory to save output
        export ROTDIR=/gpfs/hps/ptmp/$LOGNAME/$PSLOT/$CASE

      # NEMS FV3GFS forecast executable directory

      Use "bsub<runjob_cray.sh" to submit batch job on WCOSS Cray.

      The default option is to run the model with non-hydrostatic 32-bit
 fv3 dycore.
      Please check runjob_cray.sh to see other options.  Inline
 documentations are included.

 6.  Forecast output saved in $ROTDIR are on global lat-lon 0.25-degree
 grid in netCDF format.

 Vijay suggested to update the nemsfv3 app to generate desired executable
 and include instructions on using the choices.

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