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#10: fv3gfs workflow and utilities
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Comment (by fanglin.yang@…):

 Xu Li changed the nsst surface mask name.   These changes entered the
 Q3FY17 NEMS GFS superstructure at r85898 GFS ticket #264 documents the

 To run CHGRES using Q3FY17 NEMS GFS analyses before cycle 2017010306 to
 create initial conditions for FV3GFS, slmsk in nsnanl needs to be
 converted to land.

  I copied nst_mask_namchg.fd from Xu's Theia account to
 It appears to me the compiling process is unnecessary too complicated.
 Many unused libs are called.  New Makefile and makefile.sh inside
 nst_mask_namchg.fd are created.  build_chgres.sh is used to set up the
 module and to execute makefile.sh.   I tested on Luna. It worked.  It
 should work on WCOSS and Theia as well.

 As for how to decide whether or not the name conversion is needed, I am
 using nemsio_read to decide. A few lines were added to my chgres script
 for the conversion. It worked on Luna.

 $BASE_GSM/exec/nemsio_read nsnanl.gfs.$cdate |grep land
 if [ $? -ne 0 ]; then
  mv nsnanl.gfs.$cdate fnsti
  APRUN_NST='aprun -q -j1 -n1 -N1 -d1 -cc depth'
  $APRUN_NST $BASE_GSM/exec/nst_mask_namchg
  if [ -s fnsto ]; then
   mv fnsto nsnanl.gfs.$cdate
   echo "nst_mask_namchg failed, exit"

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