[Ncep.list.emc.fv3gfs_tickets] FV3GFS Ticket #14: Modify global_chgres to output NSST data in NetCDF format

Dusan Jovic dusan.jovic at noaa.gov
Thu Apr 13 17:33:29 UTC 2017

  The 'grid" files use dimensions named nx,ny and nxp,nyp, but those 
files are on "super-grid" which is not the same as grid used in orog, 
chgres and other input files. All other input files use 'lon' and 'lat' 
('lonp', 'latp') as dimension names. I do not suggest renaming 
dimensions in chgres file from 'nlon', 'nlat' to nx,ny but to 'lon', 
'lat' to be consistent with other input files which are on the same grid.

  See for example files named gfs_data.tile*.nc, oro_data.tile*.nc and 
sfc_data.tile*.nc in 

  I also find very confusing and inconsistent the use of xaxis_1,yaxis_1 
as dimension names in restart files and grid_xt, grid_yt in history files.


On 04/12/2017 11:44 PM, Fanglin Yang - NOAA Affiliate wrote:
> George,
> Since we are moving towards to use global_chgres_driver.sh and 
> global_chgres.sh, there is no need to test fv3gfs_chgres.sh and 
> fv3gfs_driver_chgres.sh.
> We can worry about getges.sh later.
> There is no need to change the order of the records in the combined 
> file. I assume you attached nsst variables to the end.
> As for nx-ny vs nlat-nlon, it is your call. I donot think they matter 
> for now. But for consistency, you can change them to nx-ny.
> Thanks
> Fanglin
> On Wed, Apr 12, 2017 at 4:19 PM, FV3GFS Trac Ticket 
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>     #14: Modify global_chgres to output NSST data in NetCDF format
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>     Comment (by george.gayno@…):
>      Work on this ticket is just about complete.  Some final thoughts:
>      * Do we want to change any of the header information or order of the
>      records in the combined file?  For example, we use 'nlat' and
>     'nlon' to
>      define the dimensions.  In the 'grid' files, we use 'nx' and
>     'ny'.  The
>      former makes more sense for Gaussian grids.
>      * I did not test these updates in the forecast model.
>      * I did not update the
>      [https://svnemc.ncep.noaa.gov/trac/fv3gfs/browser/branches/chgres_nsst_netcdf/global_shared.v15.0.0/ush/getges.sh?rev=91211
>     <https://svnemc.ncep.noaa.gov/trac/fv3gfs/browser/branches/chgres_nsst_netcdf/global_shared.v15.0.0/ush/getges.sh?rev=91211>
>      getges.sh] script, which has references to separate NSST files.
>      * I did not update or test the
>      [https://svnemc.ncep.noaa.gov/trac/fv3gfs/browser/branches/chgres_nsst_netcdf/global_shared.v15.0.0/ush/fv3gfs_chgres.sh?rev=91211
>     <https://svnemc.ncep.noaa.gov/trac/fv3gfs/browser/branches/chgres_nsst_netcdf/global_shared.v15.0.0/ush/fv3gfs_chgres.sh?rev=91211>
>      fv3gfs_chgres.sh] script.  Currently, it does not have logic to run
>      `chgres` with NSST files.
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