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#12: Changes for nests
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Comment (by george.gayno@…):

 As mentioned in comment:8, the build on Theia uses "-O3" and on Cray uses
 "-O0".  I used Grads to view the output orography files created on each
 machine.  I only checked tiles 1 and 7.  And only the 'rlat', 'rlon',
 'slmsk', 'land_frac', 'orog_filt' and 'orog_raw' records.

 For tile 1, only the 'land_frac' record was different.  Only one point was
 different.  This difference was 'floating point'.

 For tile 7 (the nest), the 'land_frac' record had differences between
 -.002 and -.001.  The 'orog_raw' and 'orog_filt' records had differences
 between -1.5 and 0.9.  All differences were confined to a single column in
 the middle of the grid.

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