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#11: Cycling workflow.
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Comment (by rahul.mahajan@…):


 Changes to make post step work were made. Specifically, machine dependent
 parameters that were hardwired for Cray, were made general in
 {{{JGFS_POST.sh}}}, {{{fv3gfs_nc2nemsio.sh, fv3gfs_remap.sh}}}.

 Most of the scripts rely on {{{fdiag}}} to provide the times available in
 the netCDF file or the nemsio files to process. If {{{none}}} it relied
 upon the {{{FHMAX, FHOUT, NFCST}}} values to calculate {{{fdiag}}}. No
 more. {{{fdiag}}} will be calculated from {{{dumping}}} the value in the
 netCDF file or the list of nemsio files that are present for a given type

 {{{APRUN, NTHREADS}}} were made function specific, eg. {{{APRUN_FV3,
 APRUN_REGRID_NEMSIO, APRUN_REMAP}}}. Added compilation necessary files for
 theia. This will be rolled back/adapted when Dusan.Jovic puts in a more
 generalized version. This should not pose any conflict, if it does, I will
 accept the solution from Dusan.
 {{{global_shared.v15.0.0/sorc/fv3nc2nemsio.fd/fv3_main.f90}}} was modified
 to read in {{{cfhour}}} as a {{{float}}}, even if the input argument is an
 {{{integer}}}. Also, if exiting with an error, an error code of non-zero
 is added.

 These changes were necessary for getting the {{{post}}} to work on
 {{{Theia}}}. They will be tested on the {{{Cray}}} next.

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