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#10: fv3gfs workflow and utilities
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Comment (by fanglin.yang@…):

 The CHGRES scripts (fv3gfs_driver_chgres.sh and fv3gfs_chgres.sh) included
 in the current trunk were written to process current operational GFS
 initial conditions in sigio format.  To prepare for the use of NEMS FV3GFS
 with IPD-v4, CHGRES scripts needs to be updated to process parallel NEMS
 GFS initial conditions which are in nemsio format and contain new land
 soil and vegetation types etc.

 George Gayno has recently updated EMC long-standing ush/global_chgres.sh
 to produce netCDF ICs for FV3GFS, but it is not used in the parallel. On
 the other hand, fv3gfs_chgres.sh is concise but only has limited

 To unify the efforts, I have written a new CHGRES driver,
 '''global_chgres_driver.sh''', which calls George's updated
 global_chgres.sh.  It can read in both ops GFS ICs in sigio format and
 parallel NEMS GFS IC in nemsio format, and write out fv3 ICs in netCDF
 format with either old or updated land surface properties.  So users can
 use this single script to prepare ICs for running FV3 GFS forecasts with
 either ops GFS or parallel GFS initial conditions.

 A few tests were made to make sure the old and new scripts generate
 identical ICs.

 The nest step is to update exglobal_fcst script.

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