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#10: fv3gfs workflow and utilities
  Reporter:  fanglin.yang@…  |      Owner:  fanglin yang
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Comment (by fanglin.yang@…):

 The following scripts and programs have been updated in my  branch  and
 reintegrated into the trunk.  Please visit
 to see the differences from the current trunk.  The package has been
 tested for running a few forecast cases. Please visit
 Luna:/gpfs/hps/ptmp/Fanglin.Yang/prtest to see the new directory structure
 and file names.  Post, Vrfy and Arch steps are finally working as
 expected.  More changes are required after the DA components are
 integrated into the superstructure.

 fv3nc2nemsio.fd/fv3_main.f90 had a bug. It did not define correctly the
 nemsio meta data of initial condition dates for all but the 00Z cycles.
 As a result, pgb files made from the post cannot be used for making
 graphics.  This bug is corrected in this version.

 Since the changes are significant.  Users need to use all updated config
 files in gfs_workflow.v15.0.0/para/exp_fv3gfs to run forecast experiments
 if they decide to use this latest trunk.

 The next update will be on the use of NEMS FV3GFS, including IPD v4.0.

 LUNA-llogin1 > svn -m "update workflow to use NCO-alike directory
 structure and file names in the parallel system" commit
 Sending        .
 Sending        gfs_workflow.v15.0.0
 Sending        gfs_workflow.v15.0.0/para
 Sending        gfs_workflow.v15.0.0/para/bin
 Sending        gfs_workflow.v15.0.0/para/bin/pend
 Sending        gfs_workflow.v15.0.0/para/exp_fv3gfs/config.arch
 Sending        gfs_workflow.v15.0.0/para/exp_fv3gfs/config.post
 Sending        gfs_workflow.v15.0.0/para/exp_fv3gfs/config.vrfy
 Sending        gfs_workflow.v15.0.0/para/exp_fv3gfs/para_config
 Sending        gfs_workflow.v15.0.0/para/exp_fv3gfs/prtest.gsi.rlist
 Sending        gfs_workflow.v15.0.0/para/exp_fv3gfs/submit_fv3gfs.sh
 Sending        gfs_workflow.v15.0.0/para/jobs
 Sending        gfs_workflow.v15.0.0/para/jobs/JGFS_POST.sh
 Sending        gfs_workflow.v15.0.0/para/jobs/arch.sh
 Sending        gfs_workflow.v15.0.0/para/jobs/earc.sh
 Sending        gfs_workflow.v15.0.0/para/jobs/vrfy.sh
 Sending        gfs_workflow.v15.0.0/para/ush
 Deleting       gfs_workflow.v15.0.0/para/ush/reconcile.sh
 Sending        global_shared.v15.0.0
 Sending        global_shared.v15.0.0/sorc/fv3nc2nemsio.fd/fv3_main.f90
 Sending        global_shared.v15.0.0/ush
 Sending        global_shared.v15.0.0/ush/fv3gfs_nc2nemsio.sh
 Sending        global_shared.v15.0.0/ush/fv3gfs_remap.sh
 Transmitting file data ..............
 Committed revision 89914.

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