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#10: fv3gfs workflow and utilities
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Comment (by fanglin.yang@…):

 A few users reported that they cannot build and/or run fv3gfs following
 the instruction included in the trunk.  I have updated 0readme.txt file in
 https://svnemc.ncep.noaa.gov/projects/fv3gfs/trunk to provide step-by-step
 instructions for running forecast-only experiments with the latest trunk
 version of fv3gfs.  The readme file is also pasted below.

 Instruction for Running Forcast Experiments with Operational GFS Initial
 Conditions, V2.0

 1. The package so far only works on Cray (Luna and Surge).

 2. create a directory on Luna/Surge:
    mkdir -p /gpfs/hps/emc/global/noscrub/$LOGNAME/svn/fv3gfs
    cd  /gpfs/hps/emc/global/noscrub/$LOGNAME/svn/fv3gfs

 3. If you are going to run experiments without making changes, check out
 the trunk
    svn co https://svnemc.ncep.noaa.gov/projects/fv3gfs/trunk

 4. If you are going to make changes, create a branch of the trunk, for
    svn copy https://svnemc.ncep.noaa.gov/projects/fv3gfs/trunk

    then checkout your branch: svn co

 5. Under either ./trunk or ./myfv3 you will find the following directories

 6. goto ./lib, run "build_sfcio.sh" to build the special sfcio library

 7. goto ./global_shared.v15.0.0/sorc, run "build_all.sh cray" to build all
 utility  executables

 8. goto ./global_shared.v15.0.0/sorc/fv3gfs.fd/BUILD, run "COMP_ALL_avx"
 to build rwo forecst executables for non-hydrostatic 32-bit and 64-bit
 cases.  You need to modify COMP_ALL_avx if you want to build hydrostatic
 executables as well.

 9. create your experiment directory, for instance
     mkdir -p /gpfs/hps/emc/global/noscrub/$LOGNAME/para_gfs/prtest

    then copy all files in ./gfs_workflow.v15.0.0/para/exp_fv3gfs to prtest

 10. In ./prtest/submit_fv3gfs.sh, change "BASE_SVN" and "tags" to point to
 your local package. Change "CASE" for model resolution, and "START"/"LAST"
 for experiment dates.

 11. Use "bsub <submit_fv3gfs.sh" to submit your job. The script will first
 run CHGRES to create FV3GFS initial conditions and then submit a forecast
 job.  After fcst completes, the system will automatically submit post,
 vrfy and arch jobs.

 Note: the system is still under development.  Changes are frequently made
 and committed to the trunk. Not all parts are working without flaws.
 Cycled experiments cannot be run using this package yet. The forecast
 model included in this package will soon be replaced with the NEMS FV3GFS,
 workflow and scripts will be updated accordingly.

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