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#1: Update global_chgres program for FV3 core
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Comment (by fanglin.yang@…):

 1. Further modified global_shared.v15.0.0/ush/fv3gfs_chgres.sh and
 fv3gfs_driver_chgres.sh to run George Gayno's new CHGRES in FV3GFS
 workflow environment.

 2. committed the changes back to

 3. Ran two cases to convert operational GFS initial conditions to FV3GFS
 C192 and C768 6-tile cubic-sphere ICs.  C192 takes about 8 minutes.  C768
 takes about 50 minutes.

 4. Ran two C192 forecast experiments (IC2017020100), one with ICs created
 by the "old" CHGRES and the other by the new CHGRES.  Note the ICs are not
 bit-wise identical because of changes of interpolation method of vector
 winds at poles etc.  The forecasts are visually compared using GrADS.
 Their differences are random and small for the first few days of forecast.

 5. Made a tag of the current trunk

 Will reintegrate
 (v87954) back to the trunk

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