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#1: Update global_chgres program for FV3 core
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Comment (by george.gayno@…):

 The r87756 version of `global_chgres` was tested on Surge using the
 run_chgres_nemsio_cray.sh] and
 run_chgres_sigio_cray.sh] test scripts.  These scripts run `global_chgres`
 to interpolate GFS data (in nemsio and sigio format respectively) to the
 C768 fv3 grid.  The output from r87756 was compared to that from the
 r87478 version of `global_chgres` from the old
 chgres_fv3 branch].

 All surface output files were bit identical.  However, the atmospheric
 files were not bit identical.  Numerous (but not all) records were
 compared in Grads.  Only the wind records had differences.  For a typical
 model level only a few points were different.  These differences were on
 order 1e-6.  I suspect the difference is due to the r87756 version using
 v16 of the Intel compiler].  The r87478 version uses Intel v15.

 The changes at r87756 are working correctly.

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