[Ncep.list.cpcopcwpc-rfcmemo] change to info required in RFC's change description

Christine Caruso.Magee - NOAA Federal chris.caruso.magee at noaa.gov
Tue Jul 23 21:02:54 UTC 2019

Hi All,

  Late last month, Ben asked at the NCO CCB meeting that everyone in NCO
use the format requested in the NCO RFC form for the Change Description as

- WHY this change is being made:
- WHO the intended user is:
- WHERE the changes are being made:
- IMPACT of the change:
- outages/slowdowns? If yes, provide length of time.
- monitoring flags?
- HELPDESK TICKET NUMBER (if applicable):
- ROOT CAUSE (if this change is for a bug fix):
- RELEASE NOTES (if applicable).

I had not been enforcing this for my former team because I knew what their
changes entailed, but one of the other branch's team leads called me out on
this, so Ben said every branch in NCO needed to use the format as stated on
our RFC form. He then asked me to make sure you all use that same format as
well.  I've just updated the local Centers' and NHC RFC forms to include
the template.  You may just copy/paste the template into the Change
Description box and then fill in each line.  N/A is fine for the Impact,
Helpdesk ticket, Root Cause, and Release Notes if appropriate.

Please let me know if you have any questions about this.  We can discuss at
this week's CCB meeting as well if you like.


Christine Caruso Magee
NWS/NCEP/NCO Configuration Manager
chris.caruso.magee at noaa.gov
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