[Ncep.list.cpcopcwpc-rfcmemo] problem with automated email of RFC contents

Christine Caruso.Magee - NOAA Federal chris.caruso.magee at noaa.gov
Thu Oct 22 19:18:38 UTC 2015

Hi  All,

  This Tuesday, I was implementing the script which runs upon submission of
an RFC and which emails a copy of the RFC contents to the submitter.  This
week's implementation was for NCO and the Tsunami Warning Centers.  The
implementation 2 weeks ago was for the local Centers and NHC.  After
implementing the script on Tuesday, I noticed that the trigger for the
script had disappeared despite my saving both the trigger and the script,
and when I checked the other RFC Google sheets, the triggers were gone for
them as well.

  I've done some digging and have found that I am not alone in experiencing
this issue.  Google is aware of the problem but thus far their suggestions
are not working for users.   What this means is you may at times receive
the email containing your RFC contents and other times, you may not.  It'll
depend on how long the trigger stays around before disappearing.  Google
hasn't given users any idea as to why the triggers are vanishing.

  Note that if you click on the "send me a copy of my RFC responses"
checkbox, you'll still get that email.  The email I'm talking about is the
newer one which would have my email address as the sender.  Sorry for any
confusion this may have caused.


Christine Caruso Magee
NWS/NCEP/NCO Configuration Manager
chris.caruso.magee at noaa.gov
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