[Ncep.list.cpcopcwpc-rfcmemo] RFC exceptions

Christine Caruso.Magee - NOAA Federal chris.caruso.magee at noaa.gov
Thu Feb 5 23:09:30 UTC 2015

Hi All,

  Some of you asked to see the list of items that are exempt from the RFC
requirement.  The doc I have that includes *just* this info is out of date,
but the full CM plan is updated and includes this info.  I'm including the
link to the NCO CM Documents Google site.  Please look at "Configuration
Management Plan - NOAA8860 and NOAA8866", and scroll down to section 4.1.1
and Appendix E in the doc.  Both word and pdf formats are available.
Here's the link:


Anyone with a noaa.gov email can access this site.  Once I have the subset
of RFC exemptions, I'll pass that along.


Christine Caruso Magee
NWS/NCEP/NCO Configuration Manager
chris.caruso.magee at noaa.gov
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