[Ncep.list.cpcopcwpc-rfcmemo] reminder re: submission of RFCs (routine and accelerated)

Christine Caruso.Magee - NOAA Federal chris.caruso.magee at noaa.gov
Mon Oct 27 15:51:03 UTC 2014

Hi All,

  I need to send reminders on two issues:

1.  Routine RFCs (those with the COB Tuesday submission deadline) should be
scheduled for implementation the following week.  I.e. if you want to
implement a change this coming Friday, submitting a routine RFC by COB this
Tuesday isn't the proper course to take.  You should be submitting your RFC
as accelerated.  Remember that Ben wants to be able to provide sufficient
notification of routine changes prior to those changes being made.  If
you're submitting something as routine but  implementing Thursday afternoon
, Friday, or Saturday of that same week, that's not giving me time to send
the RFC memo that notifies users of the change.  I've seen a number of
examples of this today.

2.  For accelerated RFCs, please send me an email letting me know who
approved it.  I capture this info in the Notes column of the spreadsheets
(column W).  There are multiple accelerated RFCs for which I haven't
received this info.


Christine Caruso Magee
NWS/NCEP/NCO Configuration Manager
chris.caruso.magee at noaa.gov
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