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 IBM has completed the integration work on Phase 2 of Tide.  They now need
to make corresponding tuning changes on Phase 1 (necessitating a 4 hour
outage of Tide Monday) and then enter acceptance next week.   Then their
attention will turn to upgrading Gyre.

Here is the schedule at this time for Phase 2 activities:

*Monday 11/17*  4 hour complete outage on Tide to update GPFS tuning on
Phase 1.  In preparation, development work will begin to be halted starting
around 7am local on Monday.  IBM will take the system for their work at
8:30am, with return to NCO expected by 12:30pm, and developers allowed on
after PMB's baseline test has been run.

*Tuesday 11/18*  PMB will run a single-cycle test on Tide to verify
production functionality of the integrated Phase1/Phase2 Tide.  Developers
will not have access during the testing.

*Production switch* -- PMB will switch production from Gyre to Tide either
Thursday November 20th or Monday November 24th.  We will announce the date
early next week.

*Gyre 4-day Phase 2 outage* -- At the present time IBM hopes to do the
4-day Gyre outage to add and integrate Phase 2 starting sometime the week
of December 1st.  That would be followed by a PMB parallel production

Activities not related to Phase 2 upgrade:
*December 15th* -- Gyre outage for up to 3 hours for firewall installation
24-hr parallel production test for GFS upgrade -- TBD in early-to-mid
24-48-hr limited developer access due to GFS upgrade and associated
production switch -- has been rescheduled tentatively for January 6th - 7th.

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