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 I wanted to give everyone an update of where things stand with Tide and
WCOSS Phase 2, as obviously there have been changes in the advertised

At this point, IBM is working to properly configure the Phase 2 components,
and integrate the Phase 1 and Phase 2 parts of Tide into one integrated
system.  We do not have a firm schedule for this activity -- it is
something of an iterative process as they work through issues and address
any new ones.  But progress is being made.

Once the system has been successfully integrated, the following activities
will take place:

   - PMB will run a single-cycle parallel production test on the integrated
   Tide system
   - PMB will do a production switch from Gyre to Tide
   - PMB will run production on Tide for no less than 3 days to ensure
   operational stability before allowing Gyre to be upgraded
    - IBM will take Gyre for a 4-day outage to add the Phase 2 components
   - PMB will run a single-cycle parallel production test
   - IBM will do Gyre Phase 2 configuration and integration activities
   - PMB will most likely run another single-cycle parallel production test
   on the integrated system

Unfortunately I can not give you any more firm dates -- only the activities
we know must occur in the next two months.

In addition to these, three non-Phase 2 activities that will disrupt
development before the end of the year will be:

   - 24-hr parallel production test for the final full-system test of the
   GFS upgrade -- tentatively last week of Nov/first week of Dec
   - 3-hour outage to install Gyre firewall -- tentatively scheduled for
   December 15th
   - essentially a 2-day outage to spin up new GFS on development machine,
   switch production to implement the GFS and associated downstream changes,
   and leave old GFS running for a day in case of need to back out --
   currently scheduled for  December 16th - 18th

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