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A good opportunity to write a 2 page paper and get international exposure.

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The deadline for EMC to send contributions to the Blue Book is 13 May.  *Your
deadline to send contributions to me so EMC management can view them for
submission is 9 May.*  *You should not be sending your contributions
directly to WGNE.*  You can send me either word or pdf formats.  I can
convert your word docs to pdf before submitting them.

You also need to indicate which of these categories your contribution
belongs to:
1.     Assimilation of atmospheric and land observations. Data impact and
sensitivity studies. Methodological advances.
2.     Data sets, diagnostic and dynamical investigations, statistical
post-processing, reanalysis, and associated studies.
3.     Computational studies including new techniques, parallel processing,
GPUs. Effects of model resolution.
4.     Parameterization of atmospheric and surface processes, effects of
different physical parameterizations.
5.     Development of and studies with regional and convective-scale
atmospheric models and ensembles.
6.     Developments in global forecast models, case studies, predictability
investigations, global ensembles.
7.     Global and regional climate models, sensitivity and impact
experiments, response to external forcing, monthly and seasonal forecasting.
8.     Development of and advances in ocean, sea-ice, and wave modelling
and data assimilation.
9.     Development of and studies with coupled and Earth system models and
data assimilation systems.
10.  Forecast verification: methods and studies.

The length of the contribution (including any diagrams, figures, tables,
references) must not exceed the equivalent of two printed single-spaced
pages. A title (in bold), the author's names and affiliations, and e-mail
address must be included (see http://bluebook.meteoinfo.ru/tables_bb.html
for examples). Portable document format (PDF) is greatly preferred.

Mary L Hart
EMC Info Officer

    Dr. Avichal Mehra                               Avichal.Mehra at noaa.gov
    Acting Chief, Coupling & Dynamics Group in Modeling & Data Assimilation
    Lead Physical Scientist                      NOAA/NWS/NCEP/EMC
    5830 University Research Court        Room 2104
    College Park                                      Ph.   301-683-3746
    MD 20740                                          Fax: 301-683-3703
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