[Ncep.hmon] Please backup your pan2 dir if you haven't

Bin Liu - NOAA Affiliate bin.liu at noaa.gov
Thu Nov 2 00:34:20 UTC 2017

Please backup your pan2 dir, if you haven't.

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Date: Wed, Nov 1, 2017 at 5:41 PM
Subject: RE: Jet Update, /pan2 decom
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Jet Users,

*Tomorrow 11/2:*

Jet downtime for maintenance is Thursday Nov 2  0800 – 1800 MT. Boulder
bastion sessions will be dropped.   */pan2 will not be available after the
downtime tomorrow*.

All RDHPCS logins should be via the Princeton Bastions during this
downtime. https://rdhpcs-common-docs.rdhpcs.noaa.gov/wikis/rdhpcs-

*Tuesday 11/7:*

HPSS and Theia will be down for maintenance from 0600 – 1800 MT next
Tuesday 11/7.

*Jet File System Upgrade:*

Phase 1:  */pan2 will not be available after the downtime tomorrow*.

Phase 2:  /lfs2 data disposition and load balancing

Phase 2 will be to migrate data from /lfs2 to the new /lfs1 file system.
Additionally we may request certain projects be moved off of /lfs3 at that
time as well to ensure balance of performance and capacity between /lfs3
and /lfs1.

RDHPCS Jet management

Jet Help: Email rdhpcs.jet.help at noaa.gov

Jet and RDHPCS Docs: https://wiki.rdhpcs.noaa.gov/

Jet System Status: http://rdhpcs.noaa.gov/boulder/systems/hpcsact.html

Jet Recent Usage Info:   https://hpc-status.rdhpcs.noaa.gov/bmc/

AIM (RDHPCS Account Management): https://aim.rdhpcs.noaa.gov/
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