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Dear colleagues,

You are welcome to attend this "big data" seminar the coming Tuesday (Jun
06) at 12:00pm – 1:00pm!


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The seminar was reschedule on June 6th.
Accurate Visualization for Knowledge Discovery in Big-Data Science
OneNOAA Science Seminar Series

Speaker: Jian Chen, University of Maryland Baltimore County
POC: Keqin Wu - NOAA Affiliate

Sponsor EMC seminar.
Please invite more people using OneNOAA Science Seminar calendar or provide
E-mail address to me (Michiko.masutani at noaa.gov) . The event will appear in
their google calendar.

Seminar notice will be sent to all EMC, other NCWCP occupants, NASA/GMAO,
NESDIS/STAR, UMD/ESSIC, NASA/Mesoscale modeling, and other requested
people. The seminar will be posted break rooms in NCWCP, the seminar web
site http://www.emc.ncep.noaa.gov/seminars/index.html
and EMC facebook page http://bit.ly/EMC_facebook

Meeting number: 900 826 795
Host key: 796253
Meeting password: a3YhdEPN

1-877-953-0315 <(877)%20953-0315>
1-517-268-7866 <(517)%20268-7866> (toll number)
Leader: 9702437#
Participant: 1262920#

Can't join the meeting? Contact support here:

Imagine big computer displays become a space to augment human thinking.
Essential human activities such as seeing, gesturing, and exploring can
couple with powerful computational solutions using natural interfaces and
accurate visualizations. In this talk, I will present research effort to
quantify visualization techniques of all kinds. Our ongoing work includes
research in: (1) perceptually accurate visualization – constructing a
visualization language to study how to depict spatially complex fields in
quantum-physics simulations and brain-imaging datasets; (2) using space to
compensate for limited human memory – developing new computing and
interactive capabilities for bat-flight motion analysis in a new
metaphorical interface; and (3) extending exploratory metaphors to
biological pathways to make possible integrated analysis of multifaceted
datasets. During the talk, I will point to a number of other projects being
carried out by my team. I will close with some thoughts on automating the
evaluation of visualizations and venture that a science of visualization
and metaphors now has the potential to be developed in full, and that its
success will be crucial in understanding data-to-knowledge techniques in
big data areas.

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(Jian Chen, University Maryland Baltimore County)

Tue Jun 6, 2017 12pm – 1pm Eastern Time

NOAA Center for Weather and Climate Prediction, Rm 2155 (map

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