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Geoffrey Manikin - NOAA Federal geoffrey.manikin at noaa.gov
Wed Oct 4 17:42:04 UTC 2017

The next Model Evaluation Group meeting will be held on Thursday October 5
at 11:30 AM EDT in room 2890 of the NCWCP.   We will record the meeting;
all recordings and presentations can be found in   https://drive.google.com/
drive/folders/0BySqFAN_J6G4cWdpNzBRMkM4ZVE       The new MEG google
calendar invitation is now active;  if you haven't been added and would
like to be, please send me a request.

             This meeting will review Hurricane Maria, focusing on the
threat to Puerto Rico and the rapid intensification that occurred soon
after the storm was named.

    *Corey Guastini* will evaluate performance of the global models and
their ensemble systems.
    *Tracey Dorian* will review performance of the hurricane models.
    *Geoff Manikin* will examine model QPF.

Link to join the meeting:
Meeting number:  905 053 263

Telecon info:

Information on the MEG can be found on the MEG web site:
* http://www.emc.ncep.noaa.gov/mmb/cguastini/meg/index.html
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