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Geoffrey Manikin - NOAA Federal geoffrey.manikin at noaa.gov
Wed Nov 8 19:06:35 UTC 2017

The next Model Evaluation Group meeting will be held on Thursday November 9
at 11:30 AM EDT in room 2890 of the NCWCP.   We will record the meeting;
all recordings and presentations can be found in   https://drive.google.com/
drive/folders/0BySqFAN_J6G4cWdpNzBRMkM4ZVE       The new MEG google
calendar invitation is now active;  if you haven't been added and would
like to be, please send me a request.

    *Logan Dawson* will examine model guidance for the 11/6 severe weather
 in the Ohio Valley.

    *Tracey Dorian* and *Corey Guastini* will examine statistical
model performance for October 2017.
In response to requests, the MEG is going to start presenting short reviews
of monthly model performance.    After the presentations tomorrow, comments
on the frequency of these overviews and on the choice of metrics presented
are welcome and encouraged.

Link to join the meeting:
Meeting number:  905 053 263

Telecon info:
4546287#    (please mute your phone!)

Information on the MEG can be found on the MEG web site:
* http://www.emc.ncep.noaa.gov/mmb/cguastini/meg/index.html
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