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Mon Aug 21 02:17:50 UTC 2017


       << The main purpose of this message pertains to non-EMC members of
this listserv >>

           Most of you on the EMC Model Evaluation Group (MEG) listserv
also receive a Google Calendar invitation.   There appear to be two
different invitations, and I think it's time to blow up what we currently
have.    Many of you don't need a calendar invitation in addition to the
weekly email announcement, and I certainly don't need all of the
accepted/declined responses piling up in my mailbox.

            Starting the week of September 4, I'm going to start a new
Google calendar invitation for the MEG meetings.    *If you'd to receive
those invitations to make sure you remember to dial into the webinar,
please reply to this message, and I'll happily add you.*   If I don't hear
from you, I won't add you to the invitation.    EMC folks, I'm planning to
keep all of you on the invitation.

            Please note that if you do decide to receive the calendar
entry, I really don't need an accept/decline response from you each week.
 Simply dial in when your schedule permits and/or the topics are of
particular interest.

             Thank you,

              Geoff Manikin
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