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    Great job and great website :-).
Two minor comments I want to make about the GFS model.  The prediction 
model in not purely spectral.
It is GSM with Semi-Lagrangian dynamics (as opposed to CFSv2 or WAM 
which are not with Semi-Lagrangian dynamics).
Also, the microphysics  in GFS is not truely Zhao and Carr.  It is 
really Zhao and Carr and Sundqvist , I know because I implemented the 
What about CFS v2 of NGAC? they is not listed.  As we are moving toward 
Unified Forecast System, MEG needs to
look at all time scales.
On 08/07/2017 09:50 PM, Geoffrey Manikin - NOAA Federal wrote:
>            I am pleased to announce the launch of the Model Evaluation 
> Group web site.    While the site concepts are the result of 
> collaboration among the MEG team members, the construction of the site 
> was done by Corey Guastini who deserves a ton of credit for his 
> efforts.    The site is at:
> *http://www.emc.ncep.noaa.gov/mmb/cguastini/meg/index.html*
>          Please note the drop-down menu, denoted by 3 bars to the 
> right of the picture of the Washington Monument. There are links to 4 
> section of the site:
>      1)  the main page
>      2)  a table with one-stop shopping information on all EMC NWP 
> systems, including details on resolution, initial and boundary 
> conditions, domain, core, domain, forecast length, physics, and more.
>      3)  a comprehensive set of links for verification pages
>      4)  a page where one can do a 4-way model comparison between the 
> HRRR, NAM nest, and the Hi-Res Windows, including the ability to use 
> the arrow keys to move between forecast hours and between stacked 
> images.    It works really nicely on mobile devices.
>            We have plans to continue to grow the site in the years 
> ahead.    Comments and suggestions are welcome and should be directed 
> to corey.guastini at noaa.gov <mailto:corey.guastini at noaa.gov> and 
> geoffrey.manikin at noaa.gov <mailto:geoffrey.manikin at noaa.gov>
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